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CJMRI Vol 7, Issue 9, 09/2016         RSS

The application of MR oxygen extraction fraction imaging in astrocytoma grading

SU Chang-liang1, ZHANG Jia-xuan1, ZHANG Shun1, JIANG Jing-jing1, JIANG Ri-feng1, LIU Cheng-xia1, ZHANG Ju1, LIN Hui2, ZHAO Ling-yun1*, ZHU Wen-zhen1

2016,7(9):641-646 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.001

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A quantitative study about iron content of the cerebral nucleus in patients with Parkinson,s disease

TANG Shou-xian1, ZUO Li-jun2, ZHANG Wei2, SHEN Hui-cong1, DAI Jian-ping1*

2016,7(9):647-650 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.002

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Analysis of related parameters of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the hippocampus of normal middle-aged group

LIANG jie1, FAN Zi-jian1, JU Wen-ping1, MENG Fan-lian2, WANG Xian-liang2*

2016,7(9):651-656 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.003

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Relationship between the diffusion-weighted imaging patterns of ischemic stroke in acute stage and the TOAST etiological type

SHEN Ting-wen, CHEN Hui-you, JIANG Liang, MAO Cun-nan, YIN Xin-dao*

2016,7(9):657-662 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.004

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The value of susceptibility weighted imaging combined with arterial spin labeling in diagnosis and prognosis in mild-to-moderate acute ischemic cerebral stroke

ZHOU Jian-guo1, 2, FU Da-yong1, LI Yong-gang2*

2016,7(9):663-668 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.005

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Correlation between myocardial iron deposit, liver iron concentration and serum ferritin in patients with thalassemia

DENG Xiao-qiang1, HUANG Hai-bo2*, YiN Xiao-lin3, ZHOU Ya-li3, GUAN Jun2, QIN Ming2

2016,7(9):669-674 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.006

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Imaging features of mass type invasive ductal breast cancer on dynamic MR imaging between different age groups

ZHAO Qian1, LI Ying1, ZHANG Min-yu2, LIU Li1, YANG Jing-ying1, WU Xin-huai1, GE Ming-mei1*

2016,7(9):675-678 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.007

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Assessment of glomerular filtration rate using diffusion weighted imaging: a comparative study of IVIM and mono-exponential models

YANG He-xia, JIANG Zhen-xing, YU Sheng-nan, DING Jiu-le, CHEN Jie, XING Wei*

2016,7(9):679-682 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.008

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The relationship between DKI and pathological features of cervical cancer: a primary study

YAN kun, HU Sha-sha, YANG Pin, LI Jin-kui, ZHAI Ya-jun, LEI Jun-qiang*

2016,7(9):683-688 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.009

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The feasibility study of 3D-PCASL evaluating the anti-angiogenesis of soft tissue tumor

YAN Li-yong, ZHA Yun-fei, XING Dong, WANG Ke-jun, GONG Wei, HU Lei, WANG Jiao,LIU Chang-sheng

2016,7(9):689-693 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.010

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Analysis of low field permanent magnet type MR image quality control

SONG Hong-bin*, CHEN Yong, CHEN Jin-chao

2016,7(9):694-696 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.011

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MRI diagnosis of paraganglioma in vertebral canal: case report

ZHANG Qian-ying, LIU Xu-hong, LI Jia-jia

2016,7(9):697-698 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.012

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Cystic low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma:one case report

LIU Ying-qi1, ZHANG Jing2*

2016,7(9):699-701 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.013

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Functional magnetic resonance imaging explore the cerebral function and structure changes of the depression first-degree relatives

SONG Yu-lu, WANG Bin*

2016,7(9):702-706 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.014

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Progresses of multimodal functional magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of brain default mode network damage in type 2 diabetes

WANG yang1, 2, WU Jian-lin2*

2016,7(9):707-710 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.015

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The advanced imaging of IDH-1 mutation in gliomas

WANG Ru-jia1, 2, SHEN Gui-quan2, GAO Bo1*

2016,7(9):711-715 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.016

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Cardiac longitudinal relaxation time (T1) imaging technique and its clinical applications

RAN Ling-ping, XIA Li-ming*

2016,7(9):716-720 | DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2016.09.017

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