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Clinical Article
The value of DCE and MAP-MRI in predicting the methylation status of MGMT promoter in high-grade glioma
YUAN Pengxuan  GAO Yang  WU Qiong  ZHANG Huapeng  WANG Shaoyu 

Cite this article as: YUAN P X, GAO Y, WU Q, et al. The value of DCE and MAP-MRI in predicting the methylation status of MGMT promoter in high-grade glioma[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2023, 14(5): 85-91. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2023.05.016.

[Abstract] Objective To investigate the feasibility of predicting the methylation status of O6-methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT) promoter in patients with grade 3 and 4 gliomas by mean apparent propagator-MRI (MAP-MRI) and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI).Materials and Methods From June 2018 to January 2022, 14 patients with MGMT promoter methylation and 17 patients with MGMT promoter non-methylated gliomas confirmed by pathology in our hospital were prospectively enrolled. Preoperative routine magnetic resonance imaging, DCE-MRI and MAP-MRI scans were performed.The tumor parenchymal region was manually delineated as region of interest (ROI) and the quantitative parameters of ROI were extracted to measure the parameters of DCE-MRI and MAP-MRI. Pearson correlation analysis was used to analyze the correlation between parameters. Two independent sample t-test was used to compare the diagnostic efficacy of DCE-MRI and MAP-MRI in predicting MGMT promoter methylation status of grade 3 and 4 gliomas.Univariate and multivariate logistic regression models were further established, and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves were analyzed and constructed. DeLong test was used to compare the diagnostic effects of DCE-MRI parameters, MAP-MRI parameters and multi-parameter combined model in predicting MGMT methylation.Results The parameters volume transfer constant (Ktrans) and fractional volume of the extravascular-extracellular space (Ve) of DCE-MRI and non-Gaussianity (NG), non-Gaussianityaxial (NGAx), Q-spaceinversevariance (QIV), return to the origin probability (RTOP), return to the axis probability (RTAP) of MAP-MRI were moderately correlated with MGMT promoter methylation, and the differences between the two groups were statistically significant (P<0.05). The area under the ROC curve (AUC) was 0.803, 0.815, 0.807, 0.803, 0.765, 0.790, 0.739, respectively. Multivariate logistic analysis showed that Ve was the best predictor of MGMT promoter methylation, with the highest accuracy and AUC of 0.815 (95% CI: 0.659-0.971), odds ratio (OR) of 0.891 (95% CI: 0.815-0.975). The results of DeLong test showed that the combined multi-parameter model of DCE-MRI and MAP-MRI had the highest diagnostic efficiency in predicting the methylation status of the MGMT promoter in glioma, with an AUC of 0.992.Conclusions DCE-MRI and MAP-MRI are valuable for predicting the methylation status of the MGMT promoter in high-grade gliomas, and the simultaneous application of the two combined diagnoses will help to further improve the diagnostic efficacy.
[Keywords] high-grade glioma;magnetic resonance imaging;dynamic contrast-enhanced-magnetic resonance imaging;mean apparent propagator-magnetic resonance imaging;O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase;molecular subtype

YUAN Pengxuan1   GAO Yang1*   WU Qiong1   ZHANG Huapeng2   WANG Shaoyu2  

1 Department of Imaging Diagnostic, Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, Hohhot 010050, China

2 SIEMENS Healthineers, Shanghai 201318, China

Corresponding author: Gao Y, E-mail:

Conflicts of interest   None.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Science and Technology Project of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (No. 2019GG047).
Received  2022-09-16
Accepted  2023-05-05
DOI: 10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2023.05.016
Cite this article as: YUAN P X, GAO Y, WU Q, et al. The value of DCE and MAP-MRI in predicting the methylation status of MGMT promoter in high-grade glioma[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2023, 14(5): 85-91. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2023.05.016.

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