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Clinical Article
Correlation between changes of gray matter volume and cognitive function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia children after chemotherapy based on VBM analysis
LI Fangling  GUO Yimin  XU Gaoqiang  LIU Ying  ZHANG Tijiang  CHEN Xiaoxi 

Cite this article as: LI F L, GUO Y M, XU G Q, et al. Correlation between changes of gray matter volume and cognitive function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia children after chemotherapy based on VBM analysis[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2023, 14(1): 72-76. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2023.01.013.

[Abstract] Objective To analyze the changes of brain gray matter volume in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) after chemotherapy through voxel-based morphometry (VBM), and to explore the correlation between changes in brain gray matter volume and cognitive function in children with ALL.Materials and Methods A total of 20 children with ALL treated in Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University were enrolled from March 2021 to July 2022, and all patients completed chemotherapy according to the Chinese Childhood Leukemia Group (CCLG) ALL protocol (version: 2008 and 2018) and Chinese Children's Cancer Group (CCCG) ALL protocol (version: 2015). During the same period, 20 healthy control children were recruited. All subjects underwent 3-dimensional-T1-weighted MR brain images scan, and Chinese Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-4th Edition was used to evaluate their cognitive function.Results Compared with the control group, the gray matter volume of right orbital inferior frontal gyrus, right middle frontal gyrus, right superior frontal gyrus, left middle temporal gyrus, left postcentral gyrus, bilateral lingual gyrus and right hippocampal gyrus decreased in the ALL group (P<0.05, FDR correction). In ALL group, gray matter volume of above areas values revealed no significant correlation with the cognitive function parameters (all P>0.05).Conclusions Childhood ALL patients after chemotherapy have multiple brain regions with reduced gray matter volume, but these changes lack association with patients' cognitive function.
[Keywords] acute lymphoblastic leukemia;children;magnetic resonance imaging;voxel-based morphometry;cognitive function

LI Fangling1   GUO Yimin2, 3   XU Gaoqiang1   LIU Ying2, 3   ZHANG Tijiang1   CHEN Xiaoxi1*  

1 Department of Radiology, Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Zunyi 563000, China

2 Department of Pediatrics, Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Zunyi 563000, China

3 Department of Pediatrics, Guizhou Chlidren's Hospital, Zunyi 563000, China

Corresponding author: Chen XX, E-mail:

Conflicts of interest   None.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Projects (No. Qian Ke He Jichu〔2020〕1Y347, Qian Ke He Jichu〔2020〕1Y346).
Received  2022-09-16
Accepted  2022-11-29
DOI: 10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2023.01.013
Cite this article as: LI F L, GUO Y M, XU G Q, et al. Correlation between changes of gray matter volume and cognitive function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia children after chemotherapy based on VBM analysis[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2023, 14(1): 72-76. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2023.01.013.

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