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Research progress of neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging in neurodegenerative diseases
LI Xiaoyang  WANG Xiaochun 

Cite this article as: Li XY, Wang XC. Research progress of neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging in neurodegenerative diseases[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2022, 13(11): 115-118. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2022.11.022.

[Abstract] With the increasing incidence of neurodegenerative diseases, there is an urgent need for a biomarker that can detect the pathological changes of the disease before severe neuronal loss occurs to facilitate early intervention of the disease. Neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging (NODDI) is a novel multicompartment biophysical model of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging that can quantify neurite density and fiber dispersion and specifically reflects the changes of brain microstructure. At present, this technology has been used in the research of a variety of neurodegenerative diseases. This article reviews the technical principle of NODDI and its application in neurodegenerative diseases, in order to provide imaging reference for future research.
[Keywords] neurodegenerative diseases;Alzheimer's disease;Parkinson's disease;amyotrophic lateral sclerosis;Huntington's disease;neurite density;orientation dispersion;magnetic resonance imaging;diffusion weighted imaging;diffusion tensor imaging

LI Xiaoyang1   WANG Xiaochun2*  

1 College of Medical Imaging, Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan 030001, China

2 Department of Radiology, the First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan 030001, China

Wang XC, E-mail:

Conflicts of interest   None.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 81971592).
Received  2022-05-26
Accepted  2022-11-07
DOI: 10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2022.11.022
Cite this article as: Li XY, Wang XC. Research progress of neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging in neurodegenerative diseases[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2022, 13(11): 115-118. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2022.11.022.

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