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Comparative analysis of white matter fiber changes of chronic stable schizophrenia treated with risperidone and clozapine
LIU Nian  LÜ Su  XIAO Yuan  TANG Biqiu 

Cite this article as: Liu N, Lü S, Xiao Y, et al. Comparative analysis of white matter fiber changes of chronic stable schizophrenia treated with risperidone and clozapine[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2022, 13(10): 79-85. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2022.10.011.

[Abstract] Objective To compare the characteristic differences of white matter fiber between patients with chronic stable schizophrenia treated with risperidone and clozapine.Materials and Methods Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data were collected from 27 never-treated chronic schizophrenia patients with more than 5 years illness duration, 20 patients with risperidone monotherapy, 17 patients with clozapine monotherapy for more than 5 years, and 24 healthy controls in West China Hospital of Sichuan University from January 2010 to August 2018. FSL software was used to extract the anisotropy fraction (FA) and mean diffusivity (MD) values of the four groups. Covariance analysis was used for FA and MD values between the four groups. FDR was used for multiple comparison correction. FA and MD were correlated with clinical symptom scores, drug dose, and illness duration.Results Compared with healthy control group, the never-treated group and clozapine-treated group showed decreased FA and increased MD value (P<0.05), the risperidone-treated group showed decreased FA values of 17 fiber tracts (P<0.05) except left uncinate tracts and double arcuate tracts (P>0.05), while MD values had no significant difference (P>0.05). Compared with the never-treated group, the risperidone-treated group showed significantly increased FA values of the other 18 fasciculus (P<0.05) except the left arcuate fasciculus and right superior longitudinal fasciculus (P>0.05), and decreased MD values involving bilateral corticospinal tract, bilateral cingulate cingulate pathway, bilateral inferior fronto-occipital tract, left anterior thalamic radiation, left cingulate cingulate pathway, left inferior longitudinal tract, left superior longitudinal tract, right uncinate tract, the splenium and the genu of the corpus callosum (P<0.05). There were no significant differences in FA and MD between the clozapine-treated group and never-treated group (P>0.05). Compared with the clozapine-treated group, the risperidone-treated group showed significantly increased FA values involving bilateral anterior thalamic radiation, bilateral inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus, bilateral inferior longitudinal fasciculus, left corticospinal tract, left uncinate fasciculus, right arcuate fasciculus, right cingulum-hippocampus pathway, the splenium and the genu of the corpus callosum, and significantly decreased MD values involving bilateral inferior frontal-occipital tract, bilateral uncinate fasciculus, left inferior longitudinal fasciculus and right cingulum-hippocampus pathway (P<0.05). The severity of symptoms in the patients with chronic schizophrenia was negatively correlated with the FA value and positively correlated with the MD value (P<0.05).Conclusions Patients with chronic schizophrenia with clozapine monotherapy showed more severe and extensive white matter microstructure defects than patients with risperidone monotherapy, suggesting that different antipsychotics had different effects in white matter characteristics.
[Keywords] schizophrenia;risperidone;clozapine;diffusion tensor imaging;anisotropy fraction;mean diffusivity;magnetic resonance imaging

LIU Nian1, 2   LÜ Su2*   XIAO Yuan2   TANG Biqiu2  

1 Department of Radiology, Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College, Nanchong 637000, China

2 Huaxi MR Research Center (HMRRC), Department of Radiology, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Chengdu 610041, China

Lü S,

Conflicts of interest   None.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 82071908, 82202124); Doctoral Research Start-up Fund project of North Sichuan Medical College (No. CBY21-QD09).
Received  2022-06-07
Accepted  2022-09-27
DOI: 10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2022.10.011
Cite this article as: Liu N, Lü S, Xiao Y, et al. Comparative analysis of white matter fiber changes of chronic stable schizophrenia treated with risperidone and clozapine[J]. Chin J Magn Reson Imaging, 2022, 13(10): 79-85. DOI:10.12015/issn.1674-8034.2022.10.011.

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